Falconry Displays

(Woodland Stage)

   13.40 – Kings with Wings

                (Show Field)

15.00 – High Flyers

(Show Field – June, July & August)
(No Displays when Steam Railway is not running)

The tickets you purchase for your Steam Railway experience, whether you are just travelling on the train or entering the station to visit the Falconry will include one of our daily displays either at the Woodland Stage or show field, or both of them if you are making a day of it!

Our Falconry displays will include various birds of prey, Owls, Harris Hawks, Eagles, Falcons and our Vultures Sully or Ringo. Once you have taken your seats at the Woodland Stage or show field an enjoyable experience awaits you as the knowledgeable falconers provide you with a wealth of insight into the birds and their habits. Please note that dogs must be kept under tables or chairs and on a short leash, and NO food is to be eaten whilst the displays are in progress.

Once the displays are over why not come and visit us at the Centre. There is an entry fee to the Centre which is discounted if you have a valid Steam Railway Train ticket only. However, if you have purchased a combined Station and Falconry ticket then the entry is free (either/or tickets to be shown on entry), and for a small fee during your visit why not hold one of our Birds, fly a Hawk, walk one of our furry friends – a Ferret – or hold a Reptile, and take some wonderful photos to complete your day out.

Bird Holding is £5.00
Hawk Flying is £10.00
Hold a small Snake or Reptile is £5.00
Or hold our large Snake, Belle, for just £10.00
Ferret Walking is £5.00

All ‘hold up’ costs help us towards the up-keep of the Centre and feeding the Animals. Please purchase a ticket at the kiosk and give your receipt to the Falconer for your unforgettable experience.